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Delightful intrigue: "In the Shadow of Croft Towers" By Abigail Wilson

Having been offered a position as a companion to an elderly woman, Abigail Wilson travels to Croft Towers uncertain what awaits her. But when she experiences a robbery on the highway while on the coach en route, and then soon recognizes one of the highway robbers upon arrival, Abigail realizes that all is not as it seems. As she wrestles with pieces from her own past while encountering unexpected secrets at Croft Towers, she must discern who she can trust in her search after the truth.

Secrets abound in a marvellous fashion in this well-written debut novel from Abigal Wilson, a story that held me in its grip from start to finish. I enjoyed the Gothic undertone that permeates the novel, and there is nothing I like better than ferreting out secrets and mystery along with the characters. The first person point of view works very well here, and Abigail is a delightful characters who readers will enjoy seeing the world alongside. Readers who typically enjoy some well-crafted romance will …

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