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Heart-warming finale: "The Brightest of Dreams" by Susan Anne Mason

about the book....

He Crossed an Ocean to Reunite His Family. But Meeting Her Makes Him Question Everything.
Quinten Aspinall is determined to fulfill a promise he made to his deceased father to keep his family together. To do so, he must travel to Canada to find his younger siblings, who were sent there as indentured workers while Quinn was away at war. But before he leaves, his employer offers him a deal. If Quinn can find the man's wayward niece, who ran off with a Canadian soldier, and bring her back, then he will receive his own tenant farm, enabling him to provide a home for his ailing mother and siblings.

Julia Holloway's decision to come to Toronto has been met with one disaster after another. When her uncle's employee rescues her from a bad situation, she fears she can never repay Quinn's kindness. So when he asks for her help to find his sister, she agrees. The quest draws the two of them together, but soon afterward, Julia receives devastating news that will c…

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