A fun children's book: "Henry Hodges Needs a Friend" by Andy Adrews


Henry Hodges doesn't have any friends...so of course he's just plain lonely! With no friends to play with and a dislike for playing with toys, he is convinced the day will only hold boredom. But then his mom and dad remind him that he's special...and that they will help him look for a perfect friend, a pet who is one-of-a kind like Henry! Henry imagines a wild variety of pets that are truly unique, but soon discovers that the real one is better than anything he could have dreamed of.

"Henry Hodges Needs a Friend" is a beautifully illustrated book that will have your children laughing at the silly pictures that cavort across the pages as Henry thinks up unique pets...such as barking kittens or singing turtles! My own children have wild imaginations like Henry's, and so felt right at home with his musings. They were soon thinking up their own crazy animals, much like Henry and his figure-skating hippo or his cow in his backpack who gives chocolate milk (which I totally wish I had in my backpack). The story is written in a catchy rhyme, making it fun for parents, or their children, to read. Now, adults could overthink this book and wonder what exactly made Hendry quite so lonely, or wonder why he doesn't like toys. Or why have his parents not taught him better how to deal with boredom? But before we are ready to rush poor Henry off to counselling, we can remember that this book is written for children - and this is just how their minds work! Your kids will be able to identify with Henry's extreme feelings and vivid imagination, and will appreciate the happy ending to this story. I know mine did, and this book has wandered off the shelf many times since arriving in our home - a sure sign of a hit if I've ever seen one.

I strongly recommend this light-hearted book and award it 4 out of 5 stars.

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 about the author....

Andy Andrews
Hailed by a New York Times reporter as "someone who has quietly become one of the most influential people in America," Andy Andrews is a best-selling novelist, speaker, and consultant for the world's largest corporations and organizations. He has spoken at the request of four different United States presidents and recently addressed members of Congress and their spouses. Andy is the author of three New York Times bestsellers. He and his wife, Polly, have two sons.

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