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Another solid addition to the series: "The Warrior Maiden" by Melanie Dickerson

After pretending to be her father's son so she can take his place battling the Teutonic Knights who are besieging the Zachev Castle, Mulan realizes that this is exactly what she's been preparing for her whole life. She soon meets Wolfgang, son of the German duke, and although their relationship has an uncertain start, they become unlikely allies. But their relationship is put to the test as secrets are revealed and danger mounts and Mulan must decide who she wants - and is meant - to be.

Melanie Dickerson has taken the classic tale of Mulan and given it her own creative take in "The Warrior Maiden". My daughter and I enjoyed the setting of this tale in fifteenth-century Lithuania, and appreciated the historical details that lends the story an authentic air. The strong character that Mulan is as she tries to follow the path she believes God has set before her, is just the kind of women that can inspire, and Dickerson has done a good job at fleshing out not only Mulan…

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