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A wonderful tale: Forever by Your Side by Tracie Peterson

about the book.... After years away studying on the East Coast, Constance Browning is eager to return to her family and the reservation they serve as missionaries. She and her best friend and colleague, Thomas Lowell, have worked to get her assigned to his project cataloging the native peoples of Oregon for the Bureau of American Ethnology. But Connie and Tom have another purpose--to prove her parents are innocent of a conspiracy to goad the tribes into war. Yet the reservation is much bleaker and the members filled with more animosity than she remembers. And the unexpected, sudden interest of Clint Singleton, the government agent on whom she had a crush as a girl, only confuses things more. With rumors of war brewing, Connie and Tom must discover who is truly behind the uprising before it's too late. With everything at stake, Connie will have to determine where her heart and future lie.   my review....   The third and final novel wrapping up the Willamette Brides series once a

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