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Top 13 reads of 2013

A smart, all-too-real thriller: My review of "Strait of Hormuz" by David Bunn

The best Ted Dekker book to arrive in years: My review of "Outlaw"

Prepare for tears! My review of "Orchard of Hope" by Ann H. Gabhart

Brilliantly written: My review of "Nightmare City" by Andrew Klavan

A riveting second installment: My review of "Childless" by James Dobson, Kurt Bruner

Introducing "Aloha Rose" by Lisa Carter, with CFBA

Fast moving & impossible to put down: My review of "The Alligator Man" by James Sheehan

BOMB? Phew. Nope, a gift from the marvelous "Ten Thousand Villages" @VillagesCanada

Gripping legal thriller: My review of "Critical Reaction" by Todd M. Johnson

An amazing true story: My review of "God's Double Agent" by Bob Fu, Nancy French

Gripping historical fiction: My review of "City on Fire" by Tracy L. Higley

"Heart Failure" by Richard L. Mabry, M.D.

Left me feeling moved: My review of "The Prodigal" by Brennan Manning & Greg Garrett @DailyVineCA

Fantastic conclusion to the series! My review of "Peril" by Jordyn Redwood