Book Review: Hunter's Moon by Don Hoesel

Product Description

After a long absence, novelist CJ Baxter returns to his hometown of Adelia in upstate New York for his grandfather's funeral. Facing a messy divorce and doubting his talent as a writer, CJ is forced to confront secrets that have tormented him since childhood. To complicate matters, his brother Graham is running for a Senate seat, and the family is intent on keeping the most damaging secret--surrounding a murder and its cover-up--in the family, for fear the truth would ruin Graham's chances at winning. But with CJ airing their dirty laundry in his books, the family is forced to deal with him. CJ must find a way to remain safe while coming to terms with the newfound faith that compelled him to return to Adelia in the first place.


Well, to be honest, this book was not quite what I expected. I started reading the book thinking it would be a fast paced suspense novel, and it turned out to be...different. While I enjoyed the book, I found some parts to be a bit slow. I did enjoy the unveiling of the character's past and found the book kept my interest throughout. However, the introduction of the fact that the primary character was a Christian seemed somewhat abrupt and less developed than I felt it could have been. Overall, I did enjoy the book and will try future works from this author.