Book Review: The Tehran Initiative by Joel C. Rosenberg

Publisher: Tyndale House
Publication Date: October 18, 2011

The epic tale begun in The Twelfth Imam continues in The Tehran Initiative, as undercover CIA agent David Shirazi continues his race to uncover information about Iran's nuclear weapons and plans to annihilate Israel and the United States of America. Millions of Muslims are fixated on the actions of their messiah, or Twelfth Imam, as he unveils plans to create a united Islamic Caliphate. As Iran and Israel both contemplate launching first strike attacks, agent Shirazi finds himself in more danger than ever as he seeks to sabotage the Twelfth Imam's plans before it is too late and the world is embroiled in war.

Rosenberg has penned another chilling and cautionary novel that was both entertaining and thought provoking. His insight into the situation in the Middle East is legendary, and his analysis of the political and religious climate is ripped from the headlines. The “What If?” scenario Rosenberg paints about Iran's nuclear capabilities as linked to the mystical Twelfth Imam is simply fascinating. I should note that although the plot was intense and well-crafted, I found the writing itself wasn't as smooth as his previous books. Also, I found I had to suspend my beliefs sometimes with David's ability to dodge bullet after bullet unscathed that is aimed for him. However, with the exception of these issues, I found The Tehran Initiative to be a very worthwhile read. I also felt David's spiritual journey was beautifully portrayed. A solid recommendation, I give this novel 4 out of 5 stars.

This review is based on an electronic copy provided by the publisher via Netgalley for the purpose of completing this review.