A plea to all authors - PLEASE stop using the salmon metaphors!

I cannot help but literally roll my eyes when I am in the middle of reading a great book, and suddenly the key character finds themselves "like a salmon swimming upstream". Usually, they are making their way through a crowd when this not-so-unique line is employed. Argh!

I am not sure why this metaphor must be used so often. Is it a prerequisite to becoming a famous author, that one must use this phrase to be considered an expert wordsmith? I am especially surprised when reading a book written in first-person and this thought about the salmon goes through the character's mind. My goodness! It's almost unbelievable. Do people actually walk around feeling like a spawning salmon? Do people actually stop and think to themselves, "this is what those salmon must feel like"?

Well, in any case, I will try to refrain from having a hissy fit the next time this line appears in a book, as it appears inevitable. Sigh...

Stay tuned for an upcoming review on a GREAT thriller - without even a HINT of spawning salmon swimming upstream!