An immersive adventure: My review of Jefferson Burke and the Secret of the Lost Scroll by Ace Collins

Publisher: Zondervan (June 28, 2011)
Professor Jefferson Burke is determined to focus on his research and his job as dean of the University of Illinois' history department. However, when a mysterious visitor insists on interrupting his day and starts describing a secret scroll believed to be written by Joseph, husband to Mary mother of Jesus, Burke is overcome by curiosity and he agrees to help the visitor. After his very life is threatened by agents of powerful Bruno Krueger, also seeking the hidden scroll, Burke becomes embroiled in a race across the globe to locate the scroll and unveil its contents, believed to threaten long-held positions of the church on the divinity of Christ.

Ace Collins has written a fast-paced read that is sure to have your adrenaline pumping. The scenes crackle with tension with plenty of twists and turns abounding. I should note that readers who want a deep, introspective read should not pick up this book as the focus is really on providing the reader with an immersive adventure. I found I had to suspend my belief somewhat as to the credibility of some of the scenes, much like watching an Indiana Jones movie. But taken at face value, the book was pure entertainment written in a manner that is honoring to God - free of swearing or sex scenes. I loved the idea of a secret scoll that has the ability to change the history of the world, and Burke was the perfect character to be involved in hunting the scroll. Intelligent and brave, yet at times perfectly human, he ends up being the ultimate hero, suggesting we all may have that capability. His dance around issues of Jesus and faith provide a nugget of inspiriation in the midst of intense action.

I strongly recommend this book and award it 4 out of 5 stars.

Book provided courtesty of the publisher, Zondervan, for the purposes of this unbiased review.