God is awesome: Sharing God's love with operation Christmas boxes

Missions trips are amazing. My favorite part so far has been handing out boxes filled with gifts and toys for some needy children in a fishing village. Here is an excerpt from an email I wrote my wife:

"We then went to the orphanage to pick up about 7 children who are amazing! Here these kids have HIV but they love Jesus and came with us to sing songs and hand out the operation Christmas boxes with joy on their faces. Incredible! While at the orphanage we learned the planned location of the outreach fell through. We all prayed hard and lo and behold of course God provided. We went to this small communal spot by the ocean and a small inlet river where fishermen families live and at first there were like 5 children. But soon there were over 60 after the orphanage children went around the neighborhood telling kids to come hear about Jesus and they did!

One mom brought her baby over and just plopped her on my lap. I sang and bounced her and suddenly realized she had no diaper and her bare bottom was on my pants. So funny! Fortunately she didn't let loose on me :) Jon (a missionary) then gave a message about the gift of Jesus and they were invited to ask Jesus to live in them and many kids put up their hands! I pray God holds them safely in his hand."

I've included some pictures of the fun :)