My heart is heavy, but clinging to God's peace

It's amazing how quickly life can change.

Yesterday, my wife called me just before my lunch break at work, and told me I needed to come home right away and drive our neighbour to the doctor. We'd been concerned about him for a couple of days, as he was labouring to breathe, couldn't drive himself around any more, was barely eating. His face had actually taken on a yellow tinge. Although he'd gone to the doctor, he'd just sent him for some x-rays and tests, and my neighbour only managed to make it through the x-rays before he drove himself home and basically collapsed into bed. We couldn't understand why he hadn't already been admitted to the hospital. 2 days ago my wife had managed to get him out to the door to drive him to get some blood tests the doctor had ordered. Then yesterday, the doctor called a few times before my neighbour finally answered the phone, and when he did answer said he had to come in right away to the doctor's office.

So I drove home and picked him up and we were immediately ushered into an examination room. There, the doctor broke the news.

Acute leukemia. Sudden onset of cancer of the blood. Talk about shock! All I could do was pray, both in my spirit and later out loud for my neighbour. My neighbour was immediately taken to the hospital's acute leukemia ward.

And so now I find myself clinging to God, praying that he would bring peace and comfort. Praying that the Holy Spirit would work in the heart of my neighbour to open up every part of his heart to God, that he would fully embrace God's forgiveness and grace.

I'm praying for healing on this side of heaven, but I don't know what the future holds. But I do trust that God will finish the work he's started in my neighbour.

If you have a moment, say a prayer for my neighbour, for my friend. I know prayer makes all the difference.

Bless you!


  1. Lifting up your neighbor. You are so right, prayer does make all the difference.


  2. Praying as we speak. Please keep us posted on how he is doing. Thanks for sharing your neighbor with us.
    Janet E.

    1. Thanks Janet. We visited him today at the hospital and things aren't looking good. But I believe prayer is absolutely making a difference.



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