Miracles still happen today: an update on my neighbour

A little while ago I blogged about my neighbour, who was suddenly diagnosed with acute leukemia, and was rushed off to the hospital. Some of you have asked how he's doing.

I am happy to report that MIRACLES STILL HAPPEN TODAY!

A few weeks ago he was literally on death's door, with his liver and kidney's having shut down and his heart on his way out as well. He sunk into a coma that the doctors said he wasn't likely to come out of. During that time my wife and I and many others have prayed like mad that he would turn a corner and be healed, whether permanently or for a season to take care of some loose ends on Earth. We also prayed that even in his coma he would have an experience with God, would have reconciliation.

Well, let me tell you that God is a God who answers prayer. Our neighbour returned from death's door, awoke out of his coma, and is now walking and talking. He reported that while in his coma he had an experience with Jesus where he met and talked with Him, that he re-surrendered his life to Jesus and said "your will be done". Instantly, he was flooded with peace, and the next day is when his body turned a corner and he regained strength.

So let that encourage you as you may be walking through your own difficult time. Cling to Jesus. He does answer prayer, and miracles still happen!

I also leave you with a picture from my family's recent holidays to Oregon, to Smith Rock State Park. We absolutely loved the beauty of this cold and windy place, where the rocks tower high above with their sheer majesty. How can we not worship God and believe in His power when we look at the world around us?

May God bless you this Easter season and give you a deep faith that He is real, that He is at work in your life. May He open your eyes to His touch in the world around you, whether in nature, in your relationships, or perhaps walking with you through a dark valley holding your hand. May He assure you that He is listening to your prayers, and He loves you with every part of His being!

In Christ,