My new "Go-To" resource on Homosexuality: Joe Dallas' "When Homosexuality Hits Home"

When Homosexuality Hits Home

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“There’s something I need to tell you…I’m gay.”

These are hard words to hear from a beloved family member. But as hard as they are to hear, they are also hard for the same-sex-attracted person to utter.

No matter the relationship—parent, child, grandparent, spouse, sibling, or other, that admission will likely mark a change in the way you and your loved one understand each other. These can be difficult waters to navigate, but Joe Dallas knows the rough waters firsthand and offers answers to the questions you need answered.

From his many years of helping families answer tough questions about homosexuality, Joe Dallas offers you sound, compassionate, and biblically accurate advice as you take a journey you never anticipated.

my review....

I am firmly convinced that the issue of homosexuality is one of the "key" issues facing the church today, as believers struggle with remaining true to God's word while loving their friend or child or parent or co-worker who has revealed that they are gay. Or, perhaps believers themselves are trying to reconcile their orientation with their beliefs. Joe Dallas has done a fantastic job of filling the need for a book that is firmly based on scripture and doesn't hesitate to show the sin of homosexual behaviour, while also calling us to respond in love and gentleness, and never in hate. The book is written in a purposefully practical way, with specific chapters that speak to parents whose child reveals they are gay, or to husbands and wives who find out their spouses have engaged in homosexual acts. He also specifically addresses the common theories behind why people who are gay become gay (are they born gay or is it their environment?), and tackles some difficult arguments people may find themselves facing. For example, he speaks to a common statement someone may make calling you "homophobic" if you say you believe gay behaviour is wrong, and provides points to consider on the subject and a sample response you could make.

But I think my very favourite part of this book is the fact that no one could argue that Joe Dallas has no right to pen this book. Joe starts the book by acknowledging his own past of engaging in homosexuality, pornography, etc. He speaks from the point of view of someone who has struggled with all of these issues, and discovered God's grace in the process. Who better to write this kind of book than that?

By far the most practical and clearly written book on the issue of homosexuality that I've yet read, "When Homosexuality Hits Home" is a must read! 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Book has been provided courtesy of Harvest House Publishers for the purposes of this unbiased review.

 about the author....

Joe Dallas

Joe Dallas is an author, speaker, and pastoral counselor who conducts seminars nationwide. He is the founder of Genesis Biblical Solutions in Tustin, California, and has written six books on human sexuality from a Christian perspective, including such authoritative resources as the bestselling Desires in Conflict, The Complete Christian Guide to Understanding Homosexuality, and The Gay Gospel? His articles have been featured in Christianity Today magazine and the Journal of Psychology and Christianity, and he is a regular contributor to theChristian Research Journal.

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