Will enrich your devotional life! My review of the new "NIV Zondervan Study Bible"

I have been using my current study Bible for years, and so I was hesitant to give this updated version a try. But I am so glad I did! The newest "NIV Zondervan Study Bible" is packed full of amazing features. From colourful maps (over 90!) to hundreds of photos of landmarks and artifacts, to excellent introductions to each book in the Bible, to a comprehensive concordance, the Bible is chock-full of tools that will enrich your understanding of Scripture. At almost 3000 pages, this study Bible provides all you could hope for in one volume. And did I mention that when you purchase the Bible, you also get a free copy of an electronic version of the Study Bible to download?

Even in the relatively short time I've had this Bible, I have found it to be a true blessing. When I do my daily devotions, I count on things like study notes to help me more clearly understand key verses, and the notes in this study Bible are truly excellent. I love how I can often look down to the study note accompanying a verse to see what the Hebrew or Greek word is to help me have a deeper understanding of what the scripture says. The authors of these notes clearly identify the scripture as the inspired word of God, and do a great job at letting the Bible speak truth, even when it may be hard to hear. For example, when I think of the divisive issue of homosexuality in the church today, it is so very helpful to look at key scriptures like Romans 1:26 and 27 that are accompanied by notes that ensure clear understanding of such matters. The background information and introductions to the books of the Bible are also well-written and informative, and help you clearly understand the context and the audience to the words that you are reading. I make it my goal to spend time each day in the Word, and I am so thankful for well-written study Bibles like this one that make that time a richer experience.

Although I was a bit sad to pack away my former study Bible, I just can't say enough positive things about this one. Not only does it contain my favourite version of the Bible, the NIV version, but it offers powerful tools to help me truly grasp the Word of God. I award this book a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. 

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