"War Room" will bless and inspire you!

Yesterday, I had the chance to go see "War Room" with my wife. It was an awesome film! The actors do a wonderful job, the storyline is engaging and will hold your attention throughout, and the best part is that you will leave the movie theatre inspired to hit your knees and change the world through prayer. "War Room" will remind you that God wants to release his power into your life, into your marriage, into every single struggle that you are having. Though of course this is a movie and so things may wrap up into a more tidy package than in real life, the truth remains the same, that God is calling up people to pray and to bring change to this world.

If you haven't yet seen "War Room", I encourage you to grab your spouse and/or your friends and whoever else you can get a hold of and go see this movie. You will be glad you did!

Here's the trailer....