My daughter totally recommends it! "Faithgirlz" Bible

You know that you've found the right Bible for your daughter when she just has to run around the church lobby showing every friendly face she sees her new Bible! The Faithgirlz Bible, containing the best-selling New International Version, is the latest Bible for girls from "kidz Bibles", and is chock-full of wonderful features. Sprinkled throughout the text are a whole variety of inserts such as "Dream Girl" which allows the reader to imagine themselves in the midst of a Bible story, or the "Bring It On!" sections that give the reader a quiz and then point on to different Bible passages depending on the answer you choose. Sections like "Treasure This!" highlight key verses that are perfect for memorizing. Many other such features have been added to the Bible to help bring the text to life for your tween daughter and apply what she's reading to her own life.

I can honestly say that this version of the Bible is a great fit for my daughter. She absolutely loves how girly the Bible is, from the bright cover to the colourful pink and purple text on the inside. Soon after opening the Bible, she was looking up her favourite stories and trying out the different quizzes from the "Bring It On" sections. As a parent, I love seeing my daughter grow in her interest in God's word, and as I watched her look up different passages that she was pointed to from the all the little "extras" in the Bible, my heart was truly warmed. This Bible is one that your daughter can truly make her own, with space to write in the Bible in the sections "in your own words". All of my children seem to do well with the NIV text, which is easy for them to understand. And did I mention yet that this hard cover version of the book has a magnetic flap to close things up snugly? I'm pretty sure that's my daughter's favourite feature!

Parents and grandparents looking for a new Bible for the young lady in their lives should look no further than the Faithgirlz Bible. I give it my highest recommendation of 5 out of 5 stars.

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