Beautifully written! "Long Way Gone" by Charles Martin


Tired of feeling stifled by his father, Cooper O'Connor grabs his father's life savings, turns his back on his childhood, and heads to Nashville to follow his dreams. But his dreams soon turn to dust when his pursuit of a career in music leads to him to lose everything. A chance encounter with rising musical star Daley Cross seems destined to lead to success in love and life, until a tragedy derails their plans and Cooper finds himself broken and alone up in the Colorado mountains. 20 years later, Cooper's past collides with his present with an outcome that he never could have even dreamed of!

"Long Way Gone" is a beautifully written, moving story that will linger long on my mind, beyond the moment I lovingly place the book on my shelf. I was absolutely captivated by the character of Cooper, with his incredible musical talent, his growth to become a selfless giver to others, and even the mistakes that he makes on his journey. That moment where he runs from all that is good in his life will resonate with each of us, because whether or not we've taken such a radical step as Cooper did, we have all expressed that rebellion in our own unique ways. This story is one of redemption, of reconciliation in the most moving of ways, of second chances that are not deserved but are offered by grace. Cooper's father is the father we all want to have on Earth, and a poignant picture of the Father that we do have in heaven, one who says that we can never go too far to outrun his embrace. Each scene is carefully crafted, and there are many unexpected moments that make for engaging reading. I especially enjoyed Cooper's encounters with the supernatural, and am intrigued to think back over my own life and wonder if I have "entertained angels unawares".

Every time I pick up a book by Charles Martin, I never know exactly what I am going to get. Once again, he has succeeded at offering up a story that not only entertained on every level, but touched me at my deepest core. I highly recommend this book and award it 5 out of 5 stars.

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Charles Martin

Charles Martin is the New York Times bestselling author of 12 novels. He and his wife, Christy, live in Jacksonville, Florida. Learn more about him at Facebook: Author.Charles.Martin Twitter: @storiedcareer

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