Another excellent book from Terri Blackstock: "If I'm Found"

9780310332497, If I'm Found, Terri Blackstock

Fleeing for her life, Casey Cox is desperate to uncover the truth about the real culprit behind a murder she didn't commit. Dylan Roberts remains on her trail, tracking her down on behalf of a corrupt police force, but in reality he is sending secret emails confirming he knows the truth about her lack of culpability and actually is trying to help. But in the middle of trying to clear her own name, Casey finds herself crossing paths with others in plight, including an abused child and a man wanting to end his life as he's also been wrongly accused.

The first book in the "If I Run" series was so deliciously suspenseful that I read it in one go - and this fantastic follow-up is no different! I dare you to pick up a copy for yourself and see if you can get anything else accomplished in your life until you've raced your way to the final page. The writing is crisp and the scenes action-packed, with tense moments and dramatic twists throwing you from chapter to chapter. Blackstock uses the alternating perspectives of different characters to great effect, and the result moves the story along in an enjoyable way. And, I should note that some readers might find some of the plot line difficult to consider regarding child abuse. But as someone myself who works with abused children, I felt Blackstock handled this subplot well. I really appreciate how Casey grows as a person over the course of this story, and deepens her understand of God and prayer. The story demonstrates the timeless truth of how God can use crises in our lives to work for our very good!

I am sure I am not the only reader lamenting the fact that we will have to wait much too long for the next book in this fabulous series. I strongly recommend this book and award it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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