A powerful call to the church: "The Way of Hope" by Melissa Fisher

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"Am I welcome here?"

It's the most challenging question churches face today. With a history of condemning people for their sexual temptations, desires, or orientations, many churches and Christians in an attempt to right that wrong have simply adopted the world's more indulgent view.

What if the church could show up in a different way?

With deep understanding born from her own painful experiences, Melissa shows that somewhere between the extremes of condemning and condoning is the way of Jesus, a way marked with courage, compassion, and hope. The Way of Hope aims to equip the church to make a positive impact in the lives of those hurting from their relational or sexual differences. It aims to inspire everyone, regardless of sexual identity or gender orientation, toward a relationship with Jesus, who wants to offer us all love and hope greater than anything we've ever known.

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The journey that Melissa Fisher invites readers to join her on in her book, "The Way of Hope", is one that will both bless and convict. I so appreciate the way that Fisher writes her book, as she doesn't try to gloss over any part of her story but allows readers to see all the rough bits of her life along with the victorious ones as well. There are so many parts of Fisher's message that are profound, that I feel that I could quote half of her chapters here! God has brought her through some incredibly challenging experiences, from experiencing abandonment from her father and her mother, to suffering devastating sexual abuse on more than one occasion. The way God moves her from a place of feeling rejected by God and his people, to feeling like she can come just as she is and be embraced by God's loving arms, is amazing indeed.

Fisher's book will particularly appeal to people who are not just wanting to examine the Bible's perspective on same-sex issues but who are wanting to connect with the human element of the issue as well. Fisher provides such an important message for the church today, that the church cannot be a place where people are condemned, but also cannot be a place where all behaviours are condoned at the same time. Rather, it must be a place where people are safe to come as they are, where they can encounter God and he can speak truth to the lies they've believed about themselves. I like how Fisher states "Despite where you are on your faith journey, you are only one renounced lie away from experiencing more joy than you've previously known". She notes that what matters isn't whether she's gay or straight, but that she's a daughter of the king. That is such an important place for us to all start in our conversations about sexual issues. These truths are so greatly needed in the church today. and I am grateful for Melissa's courage in writing a book like this.

Written with refreshing honesty and filled with a message based on love, "The Way of Hope" is sure to embrace everyone who open the covers and delves into the pages of Melissa Fisher's story. No matter your stance on LGBTQ issues, Fisher's story is one you need to read. I award this book a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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about the author....

Melissa Fisher

Melissa Fisher is on staff at Gateway Church in Austin, Texas. Having seen God's power work in her own life, she is passionate about seeing the lost, broken, de-churched, and unchurched find freedom, healing, and fulfillment in Jesus Christ. A former teacher, basketball coach, and backpacking guide, she is now a personal and spiritual development coach and consultant, a writer, and a speaker. She lives in Round Rock, Texas.

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