Frighteningly Good: "The String" by Caleb Breakey

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Welcome to the string. Let's go over the ground rules.

Rule #1: Participation is mandatory.

Rule #2: If any one person refuses to play, the threats to all players will come to pass.

Since this is my game, allow me to introduce myself. I am the conductor. Just as musicians in a symphony must follow the conductor's direction, the selected students and staff of Trenton University must submit to my commands . . . or risk massive chaos and deadly consequences. Even that pesky university cop, Markus Haas, who thinks he'll find a way out of the impossible dilemma in which I've trapped him. Oh, the surprises I have for him. 

Ready to play?

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Expertly crafted with pulse-pounding scenes and a tension that ratchets up with each new chapter, Caleb Breakey's novel "The String" is one that lovers of suspense will find frighteningly good. I made the mistake of reading the novel in the dark of the night from start to finish because I simply couldn't put it down, and found myself constantly looking over my shoulder as my own house creaked around me and made me jump!

The conductor is quite the villain, one you love to strongly dislike, and you never quite know who you can trust. Because of this, The String is one of those books that will keep you guessing and glued to the edge of your seat as you race along with Markus to stop the conductor from harming those he cares about. The odd thing though is that while at the beginning of the book I thought that the conductor is just creepy and I couldn't wait for him to come to justice, by the end I'd developed a sympathy for this twisted soul because of the experiences he'd been through and I wasn't sure anymore how I was hoping things would play out. It was a reminder to me that nothing is ever as black or white as we may initially believe. The only thing I didn't love about this novel is that, while things are resolved to a degree, in one sense we are left hanging, and I can't find any information on the publisher's website as to whether there is more in store for Markus and crew! I supposed I'll have to practice using patience and hope that Caleb Breakey has another novel in mind.

As a reader who absolutely loves suspense novels, I can confidently say I've found another author to watch in Caleb Breakey. The String was an excellent novel and I award it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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about the author....

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Caleb Breakey is the CEO of Speak It To Book, the premier ghostwriting agency for influencers, thought leaders, and industry celebrities. He is an ECPA Award finalist and a winner of the prestigious Genesis Contest for fiction writers, and he loves exploring truth through story. He writes in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and enjoys visits from a mischievous mini husky and a smiley Shiba Inu.

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