UPDATE: Woo-hoo! 11 MORE FREE ebooks from Bethany House, Revell, Tyndale, Harvest House..check them out...

Yeah! The first day of October reveals 5 MORE free ebooks! Check out the following ebooks newly made free for your Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony ereader, etc.:

  or  NOOKBOOK or EPUB from Christianbook.com
  or  NOOKBOOK  or EPUB from Christianbook.com
  or  NOOKBOOK or EPUB from Christianbook.com 
 or  NOOKBOOK or EPUB from Christianbook.com 
 or  NOOKBOOK or EPUB from Christianbook.com

Get these ebooks while you can because these are always made free only for a temporary time.


Christianbook.com also has several more ebooks made free today (and some are free as Nook books and Kindle ebooks as well). They are:

Hero's Ransom - eBook                                       Not yet available as NOOKBOOK or Kindle
Hero's Ransom - eBook    

Micah House Media / 2010 / ePub

Maid to Match - eBook                                      Nookbook               Kindle

Bethany House / 2010 / ePub

Imaginary Jesus - eBook                                      Only free on Christianbook.com as of today.

BarnaBooks / 2010 / ePub

The Brotherhood - eBook                                        Only free on Christianbook.com as of today.

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. / 2011 / ePub

When All My Dreams Come True - eBook                                      Nookbook               Kindle 

Harvest House Publishers / 2011 / ePub 

Prairie Rose - eBook                                        Only free on Christianbook.com as of today.

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. / 2009 / ePub


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