An absorbing, action-packed drama: My review of "An Uncommon Grace" by Serena B. Miller

Don't pick up this book unless you plan on staying up until the wee morning's that difficult to put down!
Read on for my review of Serena B. Miller's book "An Uncommon Grace"...

An Uncommon Grace

Publisher: Howard Books (April 3, 2012)


Grace Connor, a military nurse formerly stationed in Afghanistan, hopes that moving to a farm in rural Ohio will help her recover from the ravages of war.

Levi Troyer finds his pacifist beliefs challenged when he discovers his stepfather has been killed and his mother wounded by an unknown intruder. Levi and Grace are thrown together when she comes to his family’s rescue and saves his mother’s life. A deep attraction develops—even though a relationship between them is strictly forbidden.

Levi belongs to the most conservative and isolated of all Amish sects—the Swartzentruber Amish. Even before meeting Grace, Levi had begun to question some of their teachings. He has considered leaving, but knows he will be banned forever from contact with his younger siblings and widowed mother—who need him to survive. He is torn between his love for Grace and his responsibility to his family.

Grace considers leaving her beloved farm and reenlisting rather than continuing to live near the man she loves but cannot have. Levi must confront the Bann if he pursues Grace. And a murderer must be caught. When lifelong allegiances are tested, can love and justice prevail?


Only a few pages into Serena B. Miller's latest book, I already knew I was in for a late night, having been gripped by the shocking beginning. Soon, I was absorbed in the lives of the beautifully developed characters and speeding my way through this action-packed drama.  This book has it all - an unknown murderer, the mystery of the Amish ways, forbidden love. My favourite character is Grace with her courage, her admirable skills as a nurse, and the humurous moments that entangled her as she experienced the clash between two very different cultures (such as with the way she dressed or acted). The relationship that developed between Grace and Levi was enjoyable to watch unfold, with humour and unexpected love and poignant moments abounding. I especially loved Grace's interactions with her grandmother, Elizabeth, a woman who had me laughing one moment and then the next appreciating her spirituality and intimate relationship with God. I found the book to be filled with deep nuggests of wisdom, not only from Grace's grandmother, but also moments such as where Grace contemplates that "nothing really matters in life except the people who love you and those you loved. That and enjoying the gift of God's creation while serving Him to the best of one's ability". That, indeed, is wisdom to live by.

As you read this book, be ready to be entertained, inspired, and thankful anew for God's amazing, freely given grace. Although this is the first book by Serena Miller that I have read, it certainly will not be the last. I highly recommend this book and give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Book has been provided courtesy of the publisher for the purposes of this unbaised review.


Serena B. MillerPrior to writing books, Serena wrote for many periodicals, including Woman’s World, Guideposts, Billy Graham’s Decision Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Focus on the Family, Christian Woman, Dorchester’s True Story and The Detroit Free Press Magazine. She was also a ghost writer for a story published in Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul II. Serena’s next three titles, all historical romance, are due for release by Revell in 2011, 2012, and 2013. She has spent many years partnering with her husband in full-time ministry and presently lives on a farm in southern Ohio near a thriving Amish community.