A fabulous character returns in a fun read: My review of Murder in Miami by Noel Hynd


Alexandra Laduca, the U.S. Treasury Agent who first appeared in Noel Hynd's The Russian Trilogy and who has returned to star in The Cuban Trilogy, is focused on tracking down the Dosi cartel and dismantling their global money-laundering schemes. Having survived the Dosi's attempt to murder her, as depicted in the first book of this series, Hostage in Savannah, she is ever more determined to seek justice. When her quest brings her to Mimai to speak with a Cuban defector to gather potentially vital intel, she instead is greeted with death and the bizarre beliefs of the Santeria. What follows is a battle for Alex to sort out the truth of what she has encountered, all while trying to sort out her faith and make a decision about whether she will again risk a chance at romance and love in the wake of past heart-break.

I always enjoy returning to the world of Alex, watching her work her magic in the seedy underworld of life tracking down criminals. She is a fantastic character who you both admire and truly feel for, as she has survived the loss of her fiance and the disruption of her dreams for her life. Noel Hynd's books always feature plenty of action and suspense to capture my interest, and Alex drives this action with style and wit. As with the first book in the series, I found that some of the chapters were a bit too detailed in providing background information about past spies and informants. Though the information is interesting, it tends to slow down the pace of the story. Besides this, I really enjoyed the new relationship the author introduces into this story, one that holds the potential of future romance and that happy-ever-after ending that Alex so richly deserves. The character of Alex truly feels like a friend by now after reading this fifth book featuring her, and I greatly look forward to the conclusion of this series which promises to see the ultimate showdown between Alex and the formidable Dosi's and triumph of good over evil.

Keep these books coming Noel Hynd! I award this book a solid rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Book has been provided courtesy of the publisher, Zondervan