Action-packed from start to finish: My review of "Renegade" by Mel Odom


Although hidden away in the witness protection program, Pike Morgan can't seem to help but fight for justice, even when it draws attention he wants to avoid. But his deepest struggles are the personal attachments he's forming, particularly to a youth he's become a mentor to. Because of this, Pike is absolutely ready when he receives his next deployment with the Marine Reserve as they are called to duty in Afghanistan. Moments after arriving, Pike and his team find themselves thrust into violence, and soon Pike finds himself battling not only the forces around him, but the continued effects of his past as well.

Like the first book in the series (Deployed), high-octane action permeates the pages of "Renegade", and the rich imagery in the book made me feel like I was watching a movie! The character of Pike Morgan definitely intrigued me when I first met him in Deployed, and I was glad for the opportunity to delve deeper into his story and learn what really made him tick.  The plot arc that follows the story of Yaqub and the other terrorists in the mountains of Afghanistan is a terrifying one indeed, as I thought about what motivates men like that to take the action that they do. The gentle and sacrificial grace of Jesus is such a profound contrast to men who hold to beliefs like they do, and I found that this aspect of the plot really bolstered my faith. I did struggle with a few of Pike's actions and how his conflict with the Marines is resolved, though I recognize that times of war result in different rules than are held to by regular society.

Mel Odom's second addition to the "Called to Serve" series is a solid read, and one that I am sure suspense fans are going to appreciate. I'm definitely looking forward to the next installment!

I award the book 4 out of 5 stars.

Book has been provided courtesy of the publisher, Tyndale, for the purposes of this unbiased review.

about the author...

Image of Mel OdomI write in a number of fields, but always with the hope of telling an interesting tale that will incite a reader to think for himself or herself, to examine his or her own place in the world, and offer a little nudge in the direction of dreams, faith, and personal growth in spite of whatever odds a person has to face. I also believe we were all put here for a purpose. Hopefully, several purposes. I'm a father, a little league coach, a teacher, a friend, and a writer. I struggle to keep that balance, as many of us do these days, but I hold tightly to the belief that I'm doing all I can be doing, and doing what I should be doing.