Get Accountable! My review of "Open" by Craig Gross & Adam Palmer

Countless men and women have shared their stories about the impact that succumbing to temptation has had on their lives, the way that secret sins have ensnared them, the damage that has been done to their souls, their families. In answer to the struggles we all have comes "Open", a book written for everyone seeking to learn practical ways to stand in the face of temptation. Author Craig Gross, along with Adam Palmer, provide a refreshingly honest look at the impact our choices have upon us, and provide Biblical solutions to achieving freedom, peace of mind, and self-confidence. They demonstrate the importance of having ongoing accountability in our lives, of having people around us who listen unconditionally, and who support us to help us hold to God's ideals for our lives.

I found "Open" to be a well-written, practical resource that is sure to bring hope to people who just don't know where to turn as they struggle to end enslaving habits. I appreciated hearing about Craig's own journey to finding accountability in his life, and hearing the impact that the XXXChurch website has had on countless individuals in the war against the lure of pornography. The book is easy to read, and provides a clear case for what accountability is, why it is good and necessary, and leads people to a place of freedom in their lives. The book can be read by an individual, or as a group who wants to learn how to open up and be accountable to each other about every area of their lives, from purity issues to exercise to finances. I guarantee that if more people were meeting regularly to share with each other with complete honestly, that the church would look very different than it does today! Rather than the church being filled with people who present as "having it all together", the church would be filled with real men and women of integrity. I know that many Christians already do walk with integrity and stand along side each other, but this book is a call to make it widespread, and they will show you exactly how to do so.

I give this book a high recommendation and a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. I encourage both teens and adults to grab a copy of this book and put the principles to work in their own lives!

Book has been provided courtesy of the publisher for the purposes of this unbiased review.