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Anne of Green Gables and The Story Girl

about the book....

Two classic characters, two classic stories, bound together in a new, timeless edition. Anne of Green Gables and The Story Girl bring to vivid life a young orphan girl and a captivating storyteller who both live on Canada's Prince Edward Island. 

Anne of Green Gables, introduces a skinny, red-haired, and freckled orphan girl who is mistakenly sent to live with elderly siblings on the north shore of Canada's Prince Edward Island. The Cuthberts had asked to adopt a young boy who could help with the family farm, but Anne Shirley arrived from the orphanage instead, and soon brings joy, imagination, and lots of talking to the close-knit farming community.

The Story Girl tells the story of a group of cousins and friends with Sara Stanley at the center of their group, whose gift for storytelling and enchanting tales of adventure, romance, and suspense spark all sorts of contests and capers. The self-proclaimed favorite of all her books, many believe The Story Girl may be about the author herself.

my review....

There is nothing I like better than watching my daughter read a book and outright laugh out loud! Imagine my delight when my oldest daughter picked up "Anne of Green Gables and The Story Girl" and for the first time became acquainted with Anne of Green Gables. It took her about a week to go through the entire book, and every day she'd have a new tidbit to share with me, whether it was Anne dying her hair green by accident, or a character getting into some mishap or another. I love that the publisher has chosen to republish both Anne of Green Gables and also The Story Girl, combining two wonderfully written stories into one incredible package. Both stories feature utterly likable children who will at the very least make you smile if not laugh out loud with their antics. The wide format of the book took some getting used to as it is much larger than most books, but after awhile I didn't even notice it, and you are getting a great value by combining two stories in one. Montgomery does a wonderful job of capturing the joys and challenges of childhood, causing you to care about the characters to the point that they feel like friends, and you will feel like time has been well spent when you pick up this book.

If you enjoyed Montgomery's writings when you were a child and want to revisit them again, or perhaps you are looking to introduce your own children to her works, then I recommend picking up a copy of this book for yourself. The stories are entertaining, the values are solid, and the writing will leave you craving more. 5 out of 5 stars.

A review copy was received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

 about the author....

Lucy Maud Montgomery is best known for her novels involving a red-headed orphan named Anne Shirley, the star of Anne of Green Gables. Born in 1874 in Canada, L.M. Montgomery was raised by her grandparents on Prince Edward Island, the setting she brought to life through her books. The Story Girl is believed to have been her personal favorite of all her stories, which have been translated into more than a dozen languages and continue to maintain international best-selling status. L.M. Montgomery lived a remarkably sincere, humble, and sacrificial life of Christian virtue until her death in 1942.

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