Action packed youth fiction: "Patriots, Redcoats & Spies" by the Skeads

The year is 1777 and America is embroiled in war with Britain during the "American Revolution". 14-year-old twin boys, John and Ambrose, are on the run from the "Redcoats" after discovering that their father is a spy who was compromised while carrying a secret message to George Washington. When their father is shot and becomes unable to complete his mission, John and Ambrose have no choice but to take up the task themselves, with the man who shot their father chasing their every move!

Action-packed from the first pages, "Patriots, Redcoats and Spies" is a fascinating read that will not only entertain readers who are 8 - 12 years old (or their parents!), but will bring to life a bit of history along the way. Who ever said history was boring? After reading this book, you'll realize it is anything but! My 9-yr-old daughter loved the suspense that builds throughout the book, and was cheering on John and Ambrose as she quickly connected with them as characters. She felt that the boys were very real in how they were portrayed, with moments of bickering or silliness, but also very real moments where they showed bravery and courage. The Skead father-son writing team does an excellent job at combining their writing styles in a seamless manner, and they definitely succeed at crafting a book with great pacing and vivid scenes. Something I especially appreciated is that this story highlights the importance of trusting God, no matter how uncertain the circumstances, and engaging in prayer in the middle of difficult - and scary - situations.

If my 9-year-old daughter recommends this book, then you really can't ask for a better review! 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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