Should be mandatory reading! A New Kind of Apologist by Sean McDowell

A New Kind of Apologist

about the book....

A New Kind of Apologist, edited by Sean McDowell and with contributions from more than 20 leading apologists, is the go-to resource for effectively defending the Christian faith in our changing culture. In it you’ll discover:

  • important topics often ignored by apologists, such as transgender issues, religious freedom, and the intersection of economics and apologetics
  • a new kind of apologetics that is relational, gracious, and holistic
  • interviews with both seasoned apologists and skeptics, providing insights into how to do apologetics effectively in today’s culture
A New Kind of Apologist addresses the latest issues, including

  • “Connecting Apologetics to the Heart”
  • “Teaching Apologetics to the Next Generation”
  • “Apologetics in our Sexually Broken Culture”
  • “Apologetics and Islam”
  • “Apologetics and Religious Freedom”

and adopts fresh strategies for reaching those who are outside the church with the truth of the gospel.

my review....

For any Christian who may be struggling to defend their faith in a culture that is becoming increasingly hostile to their beliefs, "A New Kind of Apologist" provides a great foundational place to begin to understand apologetics. I really enjoyed the compilation of essays by a variety of authors who were able to speak clearly and knowledgeably about their subject matter. The overall aim of the book is a vitally important one, as the authors call on Christians to not beat people over the head with truth, but to listen to people's stories, engage them well, and share the truth with love. Readers are called to know not only what scripture says but what science says and what people's experiences are. I liked how one writer states, "Apologists need to be savvy enough to know the truth revealed in Scripture (special revelation) and in science (general revelation). Both sources of knowledge come from God and, as a result, conform to each other". The book tackles a number of hot-button issues of our day, including issues of transgender, gays and lesbians, or how to engage with people who no-longer see the Bible as a source of truth. I greatly appreciated that in the midst of the chapters there are interviews with non-believers as well, helping readers understand a variety of view points. Although readers will need to find other books if they are wanting to learn in-depth about the issues discussed, this book provides an excellent overview and place to begin the discussion.

"A New Kind of Apologist" is really a book that should be mandatory reading for all Christians. Too often, non-believers can see Christians as uneducated Bible-thumpers who blindly stand on their beliefs. McDowell's latest book is one that can help Christians present well-rationed arguments for their beliefs, bathed in grace. I award this book a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.   

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 about the author....

Sean McDowell is an educator and a popular speaker at schools, churches, and conferences nationwide. He is author of Ethix: Being Bold in a Whatever World, coauthor of 77 FAQs About God and the Bible, Experience Your Bible, and Understanding Intelligent Design, and general editor of Apologetics for a New Generation and The Apologetics Study Bible for Students. He is currently pursuing a PhD in apologetics and worldview studies. Sean’s website,, offers his blog, many articles and videos, and much additional curriculum.

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