Free Christian Ebooks

One of the things that I appreciate since the rise of ebooks has occurred is that Christian publishers are now providing free ebooks on a rotating basis to gain new readers, introduce new authors...and create obsessive compulsive behaviours in readers like me! On an almost daily basis, I race to Amazon or to see if there is a new offering.

I decided to share my OCD tendancies on my blog by providing regular updates about newly released free Christian fiction ebooks.

The following books became free yesterday on and on Amazon:

The following books are currently only (newly) free on

So there you have it! Free books abound. And if you HAVEN'T bought an ereader yet... well, good grief, go get one. And just a hint, if you live in Canada and shop at futureshop, a Kobo e-reader is only $54.99 right now. It just doesn't get better.