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Recently, I read and reviewed the fabulous book "Spirit Fighter" by Jerel Law. 

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Now, I'm pleased to bring to you a guest post from Jerel Law, along with a GIVEAWAY of a physical copy of the book, courtesy of the author and publisher Thomas Nelson. 

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“Dad, this is awesome!”

Those were the first words my lanky eight-year old son, Christopher, hit me with as he walked down the steps to the family room late one night (long after he should have been asleep). He had just finished reading the first draft of Spirit Fighter, my first book, so it wasn’t hard to look past a missed bedtime. The truth was, I was nervously awaiting his reaction to the novel. Kids are nothing if not brutally honest, after all. And while I didn’t want to admit it, the opinion of a third-grader was a pretty big deal to me. When he said those two beautiful words, I knew that I just might have something here.

But let me back up.

When I wrote Spirit Fighter in the fall of 2009, my intention was not just to write something I thought could be published…I wrote it specifically for my two oldest kids, Bailey and Christopher. At the time they were 10 and 8, and voracious readers. I couldn’t keep enough books in their hands – as soon as they finished one they would ask for another. As my son was racing through the Percy Jackson series, I began to wonder why there wasn’t a Christian series that he felt the same way about. That he couldn’t put down. The only ones I could think of were a little too mature for him, and I really didn’t think either he or my daughter would go for Amish fiction just yet. I had been writing off and on for ten years, mostly at night, since I am a pastor by day. I began to wonder if the seed of an idea could be here.

I love stories as much as my kids do. Stories of adventure that take the reader into a new world, stories that present timeless truths in new ways, that allow me to not only get lost within the pages, but to wrestle with things that are meaningful and true. Stories about life and death, and things that matter…those are the ones I am drawn to. And the ones I try to spend my time writing. Around that same time, I came across a passage from the Bible that really caught my attention. Genesis chapter six speaks in hushed tones about an ancient people who were the children of both angels and humans…the half-human, half-angel race known as the nephilim. There simply isn’t much there about them, which made it all the more interesting. Suddenly it began to seem as though my desire to put something inspired by the Scriptures into my kids’ hands, and the intrigue I found in this passage in Genesis, began to intertwine. I began asking a lot of “what if” questions.

What if nephilim existed not only in ancient times, but today? What if they were pretending to be normal people…maybe even in my neighborhood, or yours? And what if they had children? They would be one-quarter angel, and three-quarters human…would those children have some angelic powers?

These questions became the core idea for Spirit Fighter and the Jonah Stone: Son of Angels series. The story revolves around a brother and sister who discover that they are part-angel, and as a result begin to develop certain abilities only angels possess. When their nephilim mom is kidnapped, they find themselves right in the middle of the battle between Good and Evil.

I’m still blown away and humbled that Thomas Nelson has been so enthusiastic about Spirit Fighter. My hope and prayer is not only that kids say “it’s awesome!”, but that they find themselves somewhere in the pages of this book, and begin to ask their own “what if” questions. What if God has given me gifts to use? What if He really does love me? And what if He wants to use someone like me to change the world?


I'm excited to be able to host a give-away for Spirit Fighter to readers from the U.S. and Canada! To enter do the following:

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2. Leave a comment answering this question: "Do you believe it's possible that Nephilim exist in the world today, as portrayed in the book Spirit Fighter?"

++  Please include your email address so I can contact you to arrange to get the book in the mail to you.

That's all there is to it. Contest Ends May 4, 2012. Good luck!



  1. I'm already a follower, and I totally believe it's possible that Nephilim exist today. After all, the Bible says we entertain angels unaware, so why couldn't there be Nephilim too? My email address is Thanks!

  2. I am a follower.

    Definitely believe Nephilim exist today.


  3. Well honestly I do not believe that Nephilim are in the world today as portrayed in the book. And wouldn't Nephilim undermine how we are all descended from Adam? Let me explain, Jesus needed to be fully human so he could save us. Yet, though he was fully human, he was also fully God. But the point is that he was fully human. That was really important for God's plan of salvation. Only those of Adam's race are covered with the salvation that Jesus brought when he gave himself up for us. If there were half-angel people running around, then they wouldn't be fully of Adam's race, and would not be saved.
    Also 2 Peter 2 includes a brief mention of angels who have been locked up in chains for acts that they committed in the times of Noah.
    If the Nephilim were, as is totally possible, part angel, and part human then God would have had to cleanse his people. As he did with the worldwide flood. There is a theory that seems very well thought out, and possible, that Noah and his family where chosen by God, not only because they were righteous in His sight, but also did not have their bloodlines tainted with the supernatural angels. Not only would this accomplish God's cleansing the earth of many of the things that are evil, it would also cleanse the human race for future generations so that we could be saved when Jesus Christ came to die on the cross for us.
    If anyone would like more info about the things I mentioned, a good guide for this would be Dr. Gary Bates' book "Alien Intrusion" which is a Christian book that is amazingly well researched. It also tells of a theory of how the Nephilims could be present in today's world as they are not human, and therefore would not have had all the restrictions and blessings of being human. And how they could be interacting in the spiritual realm. Dr Bates looks at scriptures does a great job of distinguishing between his theories and what the Bible does say. I would highly recommend looking into Dr. Gary Bates' book.

  4. I just became a follower of your blog via Networkedblogs/Facebook. I've wondered about nephilim, and can't rule out their existence, even today. But I don't see them specifically active in prophecy.

  5. I'm a new follower via GFC but not new to visiting your blog.

    I think it's possible either way. Only God knows for sure! But I certainly have two boys that would enjoy this book :)



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