Ignite your faith with this jaw-dropping account: My review of "Voice in the Night" by Pastor Surprise with David Wimbish

Praise God for his mysterious ways! Read on to learn more about a faith-building book, "Voice in the Night".

Publisher: Chosen Books (February 1, 2012)


"Get out of the house. If you do not leave, you will die."
The command was so loud and urgent that the earth beneath me seemed to tremble. Yet my sleep-filled eyes could see no one talking. I was 15 years old, groggy, and had never heard of Jesus Christ. I didn't know where I would go or what would happen. Walking out into the African air that night, I only knew I must obey.

I can think of no earthly reason why God should have intervened in my life in such a dramatic way all those years ago. I just know He did--and still does.

Born into a long line of witch doctors, Surprise Sithole ("Sit-holy") was destined for a life of fear, oppression and poverty in the African jungles. But God had other plans. What began that night in a thatch and mud hut more than 25 years ago was an adventure of faith and miracles. From signs and wonders to supernatural deliverance to divine revivals that have overtaken countries, Surprise has followed wherever God has led, even into the darkest, most unreached places.
This is his amazing true story.


The story of Surprise Sithole is a jaw-dropping account of God's power and grace, and of what God can accomplish with a willing heart like that of Surprise. From the first pages, I was drawn deep into the account of Surprise's life, rejoicing along with him when his life was spared over and over, and clebrating as the spiritual and physical needs of the African people were met on account of Surprise's obedience to God's call on his life. The miracles Surprise has experienced in his life, and continues to experience, are a testimony to the fact that God continues to be on the move today, winning the hearts and minds of people the world over. How fantastic to read of people being healed, being set free from demons, set free from darkness. It would be difficult to read this book and not be convicted in your own walk with God, and I felt stirred to consider how God may use me to be his hands and feet.

I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book and be swept into the world of Surprise Sithole, and to consider, as you read, how God would have you put your own faith into practice. I highly recommend this life-changing book and give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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About the author

Pastor Surprise Sithole ("Sit-holy") has a passion for Jesus that drives him to the darkest and most unreached areas of the world. As the International Director of Pastors for Iris Ministries, he speaks seventeen languages and has been instrumental in starting over 15,000 churches throughout Africa. He and his wife, Trythina, have four children and live in Nelspruit, South Africa, where they direct the work of Iris-Africa and Partners In Harvest.