Absolutely, positively perfect!! My review of "Food, Faith and Fun: A Faithgirlz Cookbook"

Food, Faith and Fun: A Faithgirlz! Cookbook

Now a days, cookbooks seem to be a dime a dozen, but the new Faithgirlz! Cookbook absolutely stands out from the pack. Aimed at tween-aged girls, but with the ability to appeal to girls as young as 4 or 5 (with plenty of supervision of course), Food, Faith & Fun is a fantastic collection of recipes. The book has been divided into 6 main categories of recipes, including Munchies, Drinks, Salads, Main Courses, Sweets, and Holidays. Each section then contains about 20 recipes for everything from Peanut Clusters to Caramel Popcorn, Homemade Lemonade to Mango Chicken Quesadillas, Blackened Chicken to Peppermint Brownies. The book starts off with the "Faithgirlz Promise" to focus on inner beauty and is followed by a brief "Cooking Tips and Instructions" section, before diving into the fabulous recipes.

My children and I are truly excited about this cookbook, because the recipes are just so appealing to children's taste buds, and are accompanied by the best spread of photos I have ever seen in a cookbook - seriously! Even the headings of each recipe are colorful and eye-catching, and the photos look so delicious that I practically start drooling just looking at them. One of my main criticisms of many cookbooks aimed at adults is they either have no pictures at all, or very few. However, every single recipe in this book is accompanied by a photo, and  for a generation that is all about visual media, this book is an absolute winner! My daughters love donning an apron, and the directions for the recipes are easy enough for them to follow in creating a food item they can have a sense of accomplishment about. My daughters love doing "daddy dates" with me, and I can tell you that this book is going to be featured for many of them as we take on the task of cooking or baking our way through the book!

I am being absolutely honest when I state that this book is simply the perfect cookbook for girls (and even their brothers may find themselves using it too!). If you are looking for a Christmas gift idea for your own daughter, niece, or granddaughter, then I urge you to get this book! I highly recommend this book and give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Book has been provided courtesy of the publisher, Zondervan, and Charleen Famiglietti of DJC Communications, for the purposes of this unbiased review.

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