The coolest children's Bible App ever: A review of "The Beginner's Bible" App from Zondervan

Recently, I was given a request to download "The Beginner's Bible" app that was released this year from Zondervan publishers, and try out the app with my own family. The app is currently available for the ipad only. Here's a picture of the app that comes up on your ipad:

Product screenshot of The Beginner's Bible App for iPad.

The greatest part about this app is that it is FREE. The app comes with six interactive Bible stories, six coloring pages, and a game. If you want to add additional story packs, you do need to pay an additional $1.99 for each set of six new stories, coloring pages, and games. However, even the free version is packed full of goodies! The app features the awesome drawings that are part of the book version of The Beginner's Bible, and so will be familiar to your children.

My children and I downloaded the app this past weekend, and let me just say that it is simply fantastic! My children loved the interactive nature of the Bible stories, where you choose the story and the narrator then reads the story. As the story progresses, each word is highlighted, giving beginning readers the opportunity to follow along. The interactive pictures are a lot of fun for the children. For example, in the story of Noah and the ark, if your child presses on the picture of an animal it makes a noise! In another part of the story, it gives you the opportunity to use your finger to rock the boat back and forth, or make the dove fly to the ark and back. My kids loved the puzzle game and the coloring sections of the app, and also enjoyed the simple apple game where you use your finger to make the apples explode before they settle onto the tree.

Honestly, my biggest problem with this app is tearing my children away from it! If you are looking for a fun, educational way for your children to learn more from the Bible, then quickly go download this free app for yourself!

App has been provided for free from Zonderkidz, a division of Zondervan, along with a copy of the Beginner's Bible, for the purposes of this unbiased review.