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Discovering Jesus while serving time in a juvenile penitentiary, Brendan King is finally able to find solace in a Christian foster home. But as he builds new relationships with other believers at school, his old ties to a gang won't let him walk away easily. In his darkest hour, will he decide that faith is worth the price? (PG-13.) 108 minutes.

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Featuring some strong acting, a gripping story-line, and a beautiful score, "King's Faith" is a movie worth watching! It wasn't long into the movie before I became absorbed by Brendan's story, a foster youth who has lived through some harrowing experiences and has chosen to turn his life around with God's grace. The movie aptly depicts how the choices we make can have long-term consequences, and the plot-line of Brendan being stalked by his old gang is a frightening one. The movie does a great job at building up tension, not only in terms of Brendan's situation with his former gang, but also regarding the blossoming romance he encounters and his relationship with the foster parents. As a professional myself who works with both foster youth and foster families, I found that there was an excellent element of realism to how Brendan and the foster care system was portrayed. I found myself wishing that the own youth I interact with would experience a life-changing encounter with Jesus, such as Brendan does. The character of Brendan is not perfect, and he doesn't always make the right choices, a fact I also appreciated. 

Although it wouldn't be fair to compare this film to big-budget movie films, I believe that "King's Faith" is a solid addition to Christian-based films, a movie with a lot of heart that is likely to move many people to tears. You will quickly grow to care about the lives of those depicted on the screen, and find yourself rooting for them and what they are going through. And, as already noted, I must say that the musical soundtrack for the movie is just beautiful, definitely enhancing the overall movie experience.

I strongly recommend "King's Faith", whether for viewing as a family (with children of an appropriate age), as a youth group, or at other church functions. I award "King's Faith" 4 out of 5 stars.

Disclaimer - I received a free copy of this product in exchange for my honest opinion shared in this review. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family. I'm including this disclaimer in accordance with FTC Guidelines and Regulations.

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