Dynamite middle school fiction: "You Can't Sit with Us" by Nancy Rue

The "Tribelet" returns in fine form in the second book of Nancy Rue's "Mean Girl Makeover" series - all except for Ginger Hollingberry, who has newly arrived in sixth grade at Gold Country Middle School. Her loud mouth, greasy red hair, and hand-me-down clothes attracted all the wrong kind of attention, but things recently improved for Ginger after joining forces with the Tribelet, including Tori, Ophelia, Mitch, and Winnie. All of them are determined to stand by each other no matter what! But then bullying takes on a whole new form when mean-spirited Kylie and her friends move their bullying from out in the open to the realms of cyberspace. As painful rumours spread over social media, Ginger wonders if she will ever feel safe at school again.

With one out of four students experiencing bullying at school, Nancy Rue has created a series that everyone should read! "You Can't Sit with Us" is an excellent follow-up to the first book in the series (So Not Okay), and Ginger is a character that will quickly tug at your heart strings and have you wishing you could reach through the pages and rescue her from those vicious teen girls! It would be hard to imagine that teens can actually act the way they do in this story - but I've experienced bullying myself and can attest to the fact that young people can be incredibly mean to each other. Nancy Rue does an incredible job of moving Ginger from a place of being a vulnerable victim, to discovering the incredible beauty and worth that God has placed inside of her. Her transformation is wonderful to behold and so realistically depicted that the story reads like real life. I only wish that every bullied child had a group of amazing teens and adults surrounding them like Ginger does - schools would be a vastly different place! Children who read this book will not only be completely entertained by this gripping story, but they will learn valuable tools about how to deal with bullying they themselves may experience.

Both my wife and I battled tears reading this book! Grab a copy for your kids - and make sure you read it yourself. 5 out of 5 stars.

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about the author....

Nancy Rue is the author of 122 books, including 11 novels for adults, 17 for teens, and 61 for tween readers, as well as 2 parenting books, 33 non-fiction books for tweens and teens, and the features for the FaithGirlz Bible. Her Lily Series, published by Zondervan, has sold well over one million copies.

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