Simply wonderful! "It Will Be Okay" by Lysa TerKeurst

Little Seed and Little Fox have a lot in common, feeling afraid of all sorts of things...storms and long, black shadows, or leaving their cozy nest and facing a changing world. They soon become the best of friends and do everything together until one day Little Seed is planted in the dark, messy dirt. Will Little Fox ever see Little Seed again? Will everything really be okay?

With a heart warming story, lovely illustrations, and truths that you are going to want your children to embrace, "It Will Be Okay" is sure to become a favourite around your house! As I sat reading this story with the children, I marvelled not only at how the book was holding their attention, but at how easily they were able to grasp the spiritual truths in the story. They quickly saw the parallel between what Little Seed and Little Fox were struggling with and my children's own fears that they can hold onto at times. And they saw how God is like the Farmer in the story, with a good plan that he is unfolding. The story is written in easy to understand language and the action filled illustrations will have your children poring over the pages and exclaiming over the wonderful treasures hidden in the pictures. I myself couldn't help but smile as Little Fox was looking for Little Seed in all sorts of interesting places, including the dog's ear! I especially liked the list of Scripture at the beginning of the book containing some of God's most precious promises. It is truly worthwhile to get your children working on memorizing them...and you may want to join right in hiding these verses in your heart!

I am quite certain that both parents and children are going to be blessed by this wonderful book, which reminds us all that God is always watching over us...even when we don't know he is there! 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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