A stirring conclusion to The Darkwater saga: "The Wounded Shadow" by Patrick W. Carr

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The Final Battle over the Darkwater Has Begun. Will Anything Be Able to Stop the Evil Sweeping across the North?

The kings and queens of the northern continent lay siege to the Darkwater Forest, frantic to contain its evil. But rumors of gold and aurium have lured deserters and the reckless into its shadow, creating a growing army that can see in the dark and fight like the gifted. Desperate after the death and dissolution of their greatest ally, Willet and the rest of the Vigil seek the truth of what lies at the heart of the evil they face. They delve the mind of an ancient enemy and find an answer far worse and more unimaginable than they had feared.

But while they seek to understand their past and peril, danger stalks the cities of the north striking at the rulers of the kingdoms. As Willet and the rest of the Vigil search for answers, the Vigil is scattered with an ever-growing darkness around them. They must discover a path to keep their land safe or risk losing the world.

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There is a reason that Patrick W. Carr continues to win accolades for his novels: his novels are instant classics in the fantasy, speculative fiction genre. And this is demonstrated no better than with his "Darkwater Saga" series, wrapping up with a stirring conclusion with this final book, "The Wounded Shadow".

If you have been following along since Willet and the Vigil first burst onto the scene, then you have no doubt been looking forward to the outcome of the epic battle between good and evil that has been building from book one. "The Wounded Shadow" finds the members of the Vigil desperate to stop the evil that is emerging from the forest, threatening to overtake the whole world. The tension builds steadily over the course of the story as secrets are revealed and events build towards the conclusion, and let me tell you that the journey is worth it! My favourite character continues to be Willet as he is just so easy to relate to, so utterly human in how he acts, yet with these amazing gifts! I love the way that the gifts manifest themselves in all of the characters in this story (and series), and can't help but wish that some of these existed in real life (I wouldn't mind the ability to bound up the side of buildings myself). Carr has done an excellent job at bringing a truly eclectic group of characters together, showcasing a beautiful picture of how the church should be, with people from all walks of life working together to help light overcome the darkness.

Fans of fantasy fiction are going to delight in "The Wounded Shadow" and indeed the entire series. The world Carr has created is complex and rich, and the characters fighting for good have been wonderfully fleshed out, with much to cheer on as they battle against all odds. I award this novel a solid rating of 4 out of 5 stars. 

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Patrick W. Carr
Patrick W. Carr is the author of the acclaimed fantasy series The Staff and the Sword. A Cast of Stones won the 2014 Carol Award for Speculative Fiction and the 2014 Clive Staples Award. A Cast of Stones and The Hero's Lot were both finalists for 2014 Christy Awards. He teaches high school math and makes his home in Nashville, Tennessee, with his incredible wife, Mary, and their four sons. Learn more at www.patrickwcarr.com.

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