The Legacy (Secrets of the Shetlands Book #3) by Michael Phillips

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The Dramatic Conclusion to the Secrets of the Shetlands

Loni Ford's unexpected inheritance of substantial real estate--not to mention a title--in the Shetland Islands has caused more than a stir in the quiet fishing hamlet of Whales Reef. How can life ever be the same with an outsider--and a woman at that--playing such a pivotal role in the life of this traditional community? But it isn't just the locals who have deep misgivings about the current situation. Loni herself never imagined this in her wildest dreams and wonders whether she's cut out for it.

Loni would hardly let herself acknowledge that she's falling in love--with Whales Reef, with its hardy people, and with local chieftain David Tulloch, whose inheritance she has usurped, at least in the eyes of some. Or has she merely been seduced by the simple, peaceful way of life that exists here? 

Yet life in Whales Reef is rarely without drama. Deep rifts exist between certain lifelong neighbors, and when a dead body is discovered, suspicion is cast in the direction of the Tulloch family. How Loni and David face up to this challenge will profoundly shape their relationship, as well as the future of the island.

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Be prepared to be transported to the Shetland Islands and immerse yourself in the Village of Whales Reef! Michael Phillips has spun a well-written tale of love and loss, of loyalty and deception, of faith and forgiveness, set in a location that I long to visit myself. In this book in particular, I was utterly charmed by the people of Whales Reef, and greatly enjoyed reacquainting myself with the Island's Laird, Loni, and the chieftain, David, as they dance ever closer to "till death do us part". The Legacy, although touted as contemporary fiction, really dives into the past as well, and readers will be brought full circle in discovering how the past led to the present, and the impact that this had on the inhabitants of the Island. Phillips has done a great job at bringing his characters to life such that you will truly become immersed in their tale and become vested in how things turn out. If you have already read the first two books in the series, you will be well aware that Phillips writing style tends to be quite detailed and does not hurry at the fast pace that modern novels often do. As someone myself who usually chooses novels that speed from start to finish, I encourage you to give this book and the whole series a try. There were many moments where the characters would utter something so profound about life that I had to stop and read it a few times to savour it. What I most love about this book and indeed all of these novels is the way that they remind us of what really matters in life, and how the heart will only be satisfied by our journey with God, our relationships with family and friends, and by how we invest in and love others around us.

With a masterful blend of contemporary and historical storey lines, Michael Phillips does a fine job at drawing the "Secrets of the Shetlands" series to a close. Readers who have been faithfully following these characters since the first book of the series will enjoy this heart-warming conclusion that Phillips has penned. I award this novel a solid 4 out of 5 stars.

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Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips is a bestselling author who has penned more than seventy books, both fiction and nonfiction. In addition, he has served as editor/redactor of nearly thirty more books. Over the past thirty years, his persistent efforts have helped reawaken interest in the writings of nineteenth century Scotsman George MacDonald. Michael and his wife, Judy, spend time each year in Scotland, but make their home near Sacramento, California. Visit Michael's website at

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