Book Review: A Necessary Deception (the Daughters of Bainbridge House) by Laurie Alice Eakes


Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: October 1, 2011

Book Synopsis as provided by the publisher:

When young widow Lydia Gale helps a French prisoner obtain parole, she never dreams she will see him again. But just as the London Season gets under way, the man presents himself in her parlor. While she should be focused on getting her headstrong younger sister prepared for her entrée into Society, Lady Gale finds herself preoccupied with the mysterious Frenchman. Is he a spy or a suitor? Can she trust him? Or is she putting herself and her family in danger?


Eakes has written a story chock full of interesting historical details about London Society and the social tension due to the war between Britain and France, providing a splendid backdrop for a story of family drama, new love, and political intrigue. The scenes were filled with just enough action to keep the story moving, while allowing the reader to delve into the characters' minds and hearts and empathize with the difficulties that they face. Lady Gale is a likable character with an independent streak tempered by a love for her sisters and a desire for them to do well in life and marry for a greater love than she experienced in her own marriage. Christien de Meuse, the Frenchman whose motives Lydia cannot quite figure out, is a character who displays the characteristics that all good men should display such as bravery, courage, and ultimately selflessness. Their faith is dealt with in an honest manner, allowing them to struggle in a very human way as they wrestle with their beliefs in God in the midst of difficult circumstances.

I must admit that some of the mystery, when resolved, did not quite seem believable in explaining why the events unfolded the way they did. It simply did not seem likely that so much time would pass between the villain's attempts to "wrap up" the situation and achieve his purposes. I don't want to say more as I would hate to give any of the plot away, but this aspect of the story did not quite live up to my hopes for the book.

However, readers who enjoy historical romance with well developed characters, heart-warming relationships, and a dash of suspense will definitely enjoy this book. I give this book a solid recommendation and award it 4 out of 5 stars.

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