Good Friday: The day death died

How amazing that Christ died for me!

On this good Friday, I want to take the time to pause. Listen. Consider that if Jesus hadn't died for me, I'd be headed for the fires of hell.

How amazing that while I, while we, were yet sinners, Jesus died for us! 

In the past when I've studied different religions and spiritual paths, I've always been struck by the profoundness of what Jesus did. Every other religion and spiritual path is about me attaining my own salvation, my own enlightenment. We all know that on our own this is impossible! How could I earn my place in heaven? How could I claim to be good enough, as if that would somehow make up for all the sins I've committed in my life?

Praise God for Jesus, who took on flesh and took his place among us. He who was perfect took all of my sin and nailed it to the cross. And there death died. My sin is no more. He made a way, where there was no way. And now I don't need to be afraid of death! I can look forward to eternal life, dancing on the streets of heaven.

Thank-you Jesus for saving me! May I never lose sight of what you did on the cross.