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All Saints

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All Saints

About the Movie

“All Saints” is based on the inspiring true story of salesman-turned-pastor, Michael Spurlock (John Corbett), the tiny church he was ordered to shut down, and a group of refugees from Southeast Asia. Michael must choose between completing what he was assigned to do—close the church and sell the property—or listening to a still, small voice challenging the people of All Saints to risk it all and provide much-needed hope to their new community. Together, Michael, the congregation of All Saints, and the refugees risk everything to plant seeds for a future that just might save them all.

My Review

With solid acting and a true story that shows real faith in action, "All Saints" is another solid addition to the variety of faith-based films that have been released by Affirm films of late. I think perhaps one of my favourite things about this movie is that the actual Karen refugees from Burma that the movie is about have the opportunity to act as themselves in this film! John Corbett also turns in a fine performance as pastor Michael, as did the somewhat grumpy farmer Barry Corbin who often brought a smile to my face while I was watching the film. 

It would be difficult to watch "All Saints" and not feel challenged in your own faith journey. Michael's decision to listen to God's call, no matter the cost, is truly inspiring, and will have you examining your own priorities in life and whether you are being obedient to what God is calling you to do. I enjoyed how this story reminds us that obeying God will certainly not be easy, and that you may even feel like giving up. In real life, the ending to our trials may not always be happy. But fortunately, "All Saints" will leave you with a smile on your face.

Although I found some parts of the film to be more entertaining than others, all in all it felt like time well spent. Families looking for a clean film that all the members of the family can enjoy watching together, no matter the age, should plan on checking out "All Saints", coming to theatres August 25th!