Filled with delicious tension: "Formula of Deception" by Carrie Stuart Parks


Christy Award winner Carrie Stuart Parks offers up another suspense-infused novel with her latest, "Formula of Deception". Starring Murphy Anderson, the novel carries readers to Kodiak, Alaska, and follows Murphy as she comes out of hiding after the murder of her sister by a serial killer. When the local police agency discovers that Murphy is a talented artist, they enlist her help putting to page the memories of a dying man, memories that lead authorities to the mysterious island of Ruuwaq Island. As the investigation unfolds, Murphy soon realizes that she is dealing with secrets dating back to World War II, secrets that Murphy soon discovers are shrouded in darkness and find Murphy on the run for her very life.

Parks' latest novel is filled with delicious tension and unexpected moments that found me whipping through the chapters as fast as I could read! Murphy is a truly unique individual, plagued by memories of her sister's serial killer, struggling to forgive herself for mistakes she made. In fact, in the midst of all of the action readers will see play across the pages. they will find nuggets of truth as Murphy runs up against grace.

I greatly enjoyed accompanying Murphy on her journey of unravelling the secrets she encounters, and I can relate to her gift of connecting to people such that they open up beyond what one would expect and share their most deepest of memories or thoughts in the process. Watching Murphy's keen mind put together all the pieces of the puzzle made for an enjoyable journey, at least for much of the book. I will admit that as things drew to a close I wasn't entirely clear on some of what I read due to a major plot twist Parks throws in that I didn't entirely love. I dare not say more for fear of spoiling the book, but I am truly curious what other readers will think. Normally I come to the conclusion of a book with a really clear idea of how things were resolved, but this one left me a tad confused about some sections. Nonetheless, I really liked Murphy's tenacity in solving the mystery, and the mysterious events of Ruuwaq Island were fascinating to read about (especially knowing that some of these elements are based on truth).

Fans of Carrie Stuart Parks are going to love getting to know a new character that she has crafted, and following along on Murphy's journey to uncovering the truth. I award this novel 3.5 out of 5 stars, with a hope to give Murphy another try on a future novel from Parks' pen.

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about the author...

 Carrie Stuart Parks is an award winning artist, writer, speaker, and law enforcement instructor. A Certified Forensic Artist, she met her husband, Rick, in the romantic hallways of the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Together they formed a dynamic and successful team in their fine and forensic art, working on major national and international cases and creating exquisite watercolors and stone carvings. They travel internationally, teaching forensic art to a variety of participants: from the Secret Service to the FBI, from large law enforcement agencies to the smallest two-man departments in their one-week classes. They are the largest instructors of forensic art in the world. Carrie has won numerous awards for her innovative teaching methods and general career excellence and is a signature member of the Idaho Watercolor Society.

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