A beautiful allegorical tale: "Flight of the Raven" by Morgan L. Busse

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Outcast. Stranger. Lady of House Maris. 

Will Her New Life in a New Land Set Her on a Path from Which She Can't Escape? 

Selene Ravenwood, once the heir to House Ravenwood, is now an exile. On the run and free of her family's destiny, Selene hopes to find the real reason her family was given the gift of dreamwalking. But first she must adapt to her new role as wife to Lord Damien Maris, the man she was originally assigned to kill.

While adjusting to her marriage and her home in the north, her power over dreams begins to grow. As the strongest dreamwalker to exist in ages, her expanding power attracts not only nightmares but the attention of the Dark Lady herself.

With a war looming on the horizon and a wicked being after her gift, Selene is faced with a choice: accept the Dark Lady's offer or search out the one who gave her the gift of dreamwalking. One path offers power, the other freedom. But time is running out, and if she doesn't choose soon, her decision will be made for her.

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Busse captured my interest for the first time with her prior novel in The Ravenwood Saga, "Mark of the Raven", and after devouring that novel I have been waiting with great anticipation for this follow-up book, "Flight of the Raven". I can confirm that the waiting has paid off, and that this second instalment in the series is every bit as good as the first, capturing the intrigue and mystery and emotion of the first novel. I greatly enjoyed reconnecting with these characters, watching Selene wrestle with who she is and who she has been made to be, a struggle that any reader will be able to resonate with. Watching her discover the depths of the powers that she has been given was absolutely riveting, as was the unfurling of her relationship with Damien.

But what most captivated me was the way that Selene danced towards the Light, and her battle against the encroaching reach of the Dark Lady. Her journey from darkness to light provides a beautiful allegory of what our own souls experience as we are both drawn to Jesus and pursued by darkness at the same time. Although the undercurrents of tension and intrigue among the Houses and the threat of war made for great reading, it truly was Selene's spiritual journey that I most enjoyed. It was, to be sure, a bit sad for me to turn the final page of this book, and not at all because I was disappointed with the ending. Rather, I just wasn't ready to walk away from these characters that I have grown to care about. I also can't wait to see what the coming war holds in store for Selene and Damien and the people of the Houses!

"Flight of the Raven" is sure to not only appeal to fantasy fiction fans, but truly offers up something for everyone who simply loves a good book. I award this novel 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Morgan L Busse
Morgan L. Busse (www.morganlbusse.com) is the author of the Follower of the Word series and the steampunk series, The Soul Chronicles, the second book of which, Awakened, won the 2018 Carol Award for Speculative fiction. During her spare time she enjoys playing games, taking long walks, and dreaming about her next novel. She and her family live in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Visit her online at www.morganlbusse.com.

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