Kept me Hooked from Beginning to End: "Outbreak" by Davis Bunn

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The danger hasn't passed--it's just changed locations.

Something sinister is happening in the waters off the coast of West Africa, trailing death in its wake. Local insurgencies are no longer the only imminent danger--and the panic mounts. But before a global alarm can be sounded, the sea currents shift, and the outbreak evaporates. Coastal populations are relieved when life returns to normal, and the region's governments are all too happy to sweep the publicity nightmare under the rug.

Theo Bishop and Avery Madison saw the devastation with their own eyes, and they know the danger hasn't passed--it's just changed locations. But everywhere they turn, powerful interests are determined to silence all credible evidence of the impending biological disaster--by any means necessary. They will have to stay out of the crosshairs long enough to convince the powers that be of the toxic destruction about to be unleashed on American soil. . . .

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From the gorgeous cover to the eerie, thrilling story line, "Outbreak" satisfies on every level. The plot hooked me in from the beginning as I tried to wrap my mind around a pandemic with the frightening characteristics that this novel features. Though I don't want to give the story away by saying too much, I will say that if such an outbreak erupted in real life, we would all be praying for characters like these who put their lives on the line to find a cure!

Bunn has done a stellar job at allowing the reader to really experience the plot through the eyes of the characters, meaning that when they don't know quite what's going on, readers don't really either. Rather, together we embark on a mission of discovery, with layers being peeled back to uncover the truth one step at a time, often with frightening implications. Though the novel definitely comes to a resolution, much is also left to the imagination as well in terms of the longterm impact of what is occurring, leaving me wishing that there was a follow-up book in the works (though I see no evidence of such). It's not that this is absolutely needed for the enjoyment of the story, but that rather I was enjoying the novel so much that I simply didn't want to see it come to an end. Davis Bunn's fertile imagination continues to be in fine form, producing works like this one that are entertaining and chock-full of suspense. I am truly glad that this story only exists on the page - as far as we know, anyway!

I continue to be amazed at the breadth of stories that Davis Bunn is able to craft. Oubreak is another winner, and I can't help but award it 5 out of 5 stars. I am eager, as always, to see what lies in store next for us readers who love all things Davis Bunn.

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Davis Bunn
Davis Bunn ( is the award-winning author of numerous national bestsellers with sales totaling more than seven million copies worldwide. His work has been published in twenty languages, and his critical acclaim includes four Christy Awards for excellence in fiction. Bunn is a Writer-in-Residence at Regent's Park College, Oxford University. He and his wife, Isabella, divide their time between England and Florida.

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