A Valuable Resource: "The Maxwell Leadership Bible"

Drawing upon the principles of leadership that are laid out in God's word, John C. Maxwell will guide you how to be a positive influence in the world around you. The "Maxwell Leadership Bible" presents the Bible in the popular NIV format with accompanying text that will "equip and encourage leaders" with countless notes as well as the 21 Laws of Leadership and the 21 qualities of being of a leader. Maxwell has paired this content with the profound truths of God's word to show readers that God has called them to lead and to influence the world for good.

Maxwell has done an excellent job at matching interesting and influential content to the books of the Bible in such a way that readers will grow in their knowledge of the calling God has placed on all of our lives to lead in the spheres God has put us in. I found the extra content to be written well and in an engaging manner, and I have no doubt that readers who take the time to peruse the content included will emerge blessed for doing so. I especially appreciate the numerous "Profiles in Leadership" that delve deeper into a person of the Bible and the lessons we can take from their lives. The greatest take away for me, in terms of the extra content of this Bible, is the emphasis the author places on the fact that leadership is for everyone, a truth desperately needed in our churches today where there is often a lack of people stepping up to lead.

 Although I regularly read from a number of different Bible formats, I personally still get the most enjoyment out of the NIV version, and so I appreciate that this Bible is presented in the NIV format as well.

The Maxwell Leadership Bible is a valuable resource to offer up to people no matter where they are on the spectrum of developing their leadership potential. I award this resource a solid rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

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