A fast-paced, mesmerizing read: My review of Stardust by Carla Stewart



Shortly after burying her unfaithful husband, Georgia Peyton unexpectedly inherits the derelict Stardust motel from a distant relative. Despite doubts from the community and the aunt who raised her, she is determined to breathe new life into it. But the guests who arrive aren't what Georgia expects: Her gin-loving mother-in-law; her dead husband's mistress; an attractive but down-on-his-luck drifter who's tired of the endless road; and an aging Vaudeville entertainer with a disturbing link to Georgia's past.

Can Georgia find the courage to forgive those who've betrayed her, the grace to shelter those who need her, and the moxy to face the future? And will her dream of a new life under the flickering neon of the STARDUST ever come true?


Stardust is an absolute treat to read, a book that plunges the depths of human emotions while maintaining a fast pace, a combination that makes for a mesmerizing read. Despite the fact that Georgia has to deal with betrayal and grief and loss, her zeal for life and her refusal to quit make for a highly enjoyable character. I must admit that I am always drawn to books where characters take a run-down home or property of some kind, sink all their effort into it to fix it up, and emerge as stronger and more comfortable in who they are as a person while having restored a home, or in this case a motel, to it's former glory. This process has always struck me as a beautiful metaphor for life and of God's ability to take us with our brokenness and create something new. Carla Stewart has taken that concept and added her own twist to it, and the result is an enticing read filled with quirky and likeable characters. I also enjoyed the plot line about polio and its impact on countless families in the 1950's, something that is heart-breaking to read about and that makes me ever so thankful we have a vaccine for that today! Overall, I appreciated how the author and the characters point back to God to sustain us in the midst of every trial we have, and Georgia's ability to forgive, despite the circumstances, is a fine example to us indeed.

I have never before had the pleasure of reading a book by this author, but I can absolutely promise you that this will not be the last. I highly recommend this read and award it 5 out of 5 stars, and encourage you to try this one for yourself - you'll be moved, entertained, and inspired, all at once!

Book has been provided courtesy of the publisher, Faithwords, for the purposes of this unbiased review.


Carla Stewart is the author of Chasing Lilacs. Her writing reflects her passion for times gone by, cherished relationships, and the mysteries of God in our skid-marked world. She and her husband have four adult sons and delight in the adventures of their six grandchildren.