Full of humorous nuances & heart-warming characters: My review of "The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek" by Perrine

The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek: A Novel

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Once again, the Widows of Butternut Creek are determined to find a bride for Pastor Adam. This time, their candidate is as gun shy as the pastor!

A traumatic experience as a college freshman has left Gussie Milton 'once bitten, twice shy.' Although she'd like a relationship, she's frightened, so she's thrown herself into caring for her aging parents, her photography business, and her church. In the eyes of Miss Birdie and her friend Mercedes, aka 'the Widows,' Gussie would make their young pastor the perfect wife. And though the attraction proves mutual, first Gussie's past and then the pastor's hopes for the future threaten to keep them apart.

Can the Widows' meddling be the catalyst that changes the couple's lives forever?

my review....

Jane Myers Perrine has a delightful grasp of the English language, and she has written a story full of humorous nuances and wonderful, heart-warming characters whose antics are so enjoyable that it's difficult to put the book down! I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in the series (The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek) and loved again visiting the world of Miss Birdie and Pastor Adam, and watching a unique yet surprisingly touching relationship develop between Adam and Gussie. I do have to admit that there were moments where my impatient nature made we want to shout at the book for Adam and Gussie to hurry up and move things along already! However, the moment when Gussie revealed bits of her past, I had a moment of clarity about what was going on, and was able to fully appreciate how everything unfolds in their relationship. Pastor Adam is such a lovable character that I can't help but wish he existed in real life. Many of his scenes had me grinning or laughing outright, whether due to his bumbling nature with woman, or when his poor car (aka heap of rust) acts up again, or the donkey scene at the church (you will have to read the book to see what I am talking about!).

If you loved the first book in the series, then you are going to enjoy "The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek" as well. And if you haven't yet met Adam or Miss Birdie or the rest of the match-making crew, then what are you waiting for? Grab a copy for yourself and enjoy getting to know these fun characters.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Book has been provided courtesy of the publisher, Hachette Book Group (Faithwords), for the purposes of this unbiased review.

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Image of Jane Myers PerrineA Missouri native, Jane Myers Perrine earned her B.A. from Kansas State University and her M.Ed. in Spanish from the University of Louisville. She was a finalist in the Regency category of the Golden Heart Awards, and her short pieces have appeared in the Houston Chronicle and Woman's World magazine. A high-school Spanish teacher as well as an ordained minister, she currently lives in Texas with her husband, who is the minister of a local Christian church.