Wonderfully encouraging: My review of "Heaven Changes Everything" by Todd & Sonja Burpo

Heaven Changes Everything: Living Every Day with Eternity in Mind

about the book...

How would you live your life differently today if you knew that no matter what happened, everything would be okay, even wonderful, in the end?

Todd and Sonja Burpo's almost-four-year-old son Colton made an unforgettabel trip to heaven and back during the darkest, most-stressed-out days of their lives. Times were tough, money was scarce, and the bills, frustrations, and fears were piled high.

The story of Colton's visit to heaven changed their lives–and the book they wrote about it, Heaven Is for Real, gave new hope to millions of readers.

Now, in more than forty unique inspirational readings based on excerpts from their story, Todd, and for the first ever Sonja, from her perspective as a mom, share what happened next–in their lives and in millions of others. Through their own experiences, and based on the stories hundreds of readers have shared, they show you how believing heaven is for real helps us survive hardships here on earth, including the death of a loved one or the loss of a child through tragedy, miscarriage, and even abortion.

The daily readings provide a powerful reminder that, beyond the hardships we may face in this life, God's incredible gift of heaven awaits us. Imagine being completely fearless on earth because you know that after this life you're going to heaven, and you know, really know, you're going to love it there. That's the promise heaven holds for us.

Heaven is God's last word–and believing it's real changes everything.

my review....

If you enjoyed the amazing book "Heaven is for Real", then you are going to love its wonderful companion, "Heaven Changes Everything". The book is written in short inspirational chapters, which is great to either consume one day at a time, or to read all at once. I myself have enjoyed using the book as a devotional, taking my time to savor an entry, the accompanying verse, and the challenge arising out of that chapter. I love the childlike faith that permeates this book as little snippets are shared, primarily about Colton's visit to heaven and the wisdom that he gave arising from that experience. It may not be necessary for someone to have first read "Heaven is for Real" in order for them to enjoy this devotional reader, but it will be a much more rich reading experience if they have the full background of Colton's story and what he encountered. This devotional reader is greatly encouraging, and turns our attention to the hope that lies in heaven, the hope that there is so much more to come, and that heaven will be a place where truth is revealed, we reunite with loved ones, and where there will be no more death or tears or crying. Out of all the chapters, I was most challenged by the one entitled "A Battle to Come", a chapter that reminds us that Jesus ultimately wins the overall war, but we remain in a daily battle to stand up for our faith and fight the good fight to spread the love of Jesus.

Heaven Changes Everything would make a perfect gift for a loved one in your life, and you may just want to pick up a copy for yourself as well! People who are struggling with some difficult circumstances will find a lot of hope in the readings that remind us that our experiences now are temporary, and the hope of heaven is real indeed. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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