A thrilling conclusion to a thought-provoking series: My review of "Spirit Bridge" by James L. Rubart

Spirit Bridge, James L. Rubart

The Warriors Riding return in fine form in the final installment of the "Well Spring" series. Brandon, Marcus, Reece and Dana have embraced their calling and gone to battle in the spiritual realms, seeing tremendous success with the Spirit's leading. At the same time, they have endured life-altering attacks that have left deep wounds behind that have been allowed to fester, wounds that need time to heal. But the demon warlord Zennon battles on without pause as he unleashes a hidden plan to take the team down, from the inside out. Soon the Warriors find themselves facing their greatest challenge yet, with their very lives at stake.
"Spirit Bridge" is an amazing tale, an epic conclusion to a series that has truly challenged me spiritually and left me longing for the intimate relationship the Warriors experience with each other and the Holy Spirit. The story is action-packed with scenes of good and evil abounding, all leading up to a truly memorable battle between angels, demons, and the Warriors. Now, I will say that Brandon's character annoyed me quite a bit in this book - likely as was designed to do, as he is reeling at the loss of his voice and what this means for his future. But though on occasion I found his character to be simply unlikable, the Brandon at the beginning of the book provides for a fine contrast for the transformation that readers trust is to come. All in all, the characters in Spirit Bridge are intriguing and original, and I enjoyed watching them grow and be challenged over the course of the novel. I loved the introduction of Miyo to the scene as well, and I think it would be awesome to meet her again in a future Rubart novel! Rubart's writing is as exciting and as thought-provoking as ever, and I truly enjoyed not only this book but the entire series.

I strongly recommend this book and award it 4 out of 5 stars. Those who have missed the first two books in the series (Soul's Gate and Memory's Door) should plan on picking up copies of their own and diving right in to these excellent books!

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