An enjoyable suspense novel: My review of Refuge on Crescent Hill by Melanie Dobson

Publisher: Kregel Publications (March 11, 2010)

After years of pouring her life into photography, Camden Bristow falls victim to the downturn in the economy. When her employer goes bankrupt, Camden turns to the only person she can think of and leaves New York to drive to her grandmother's house in Etherton, Ohio. However, when she arrives she discovers that her grandmother has recently passed away and, equally shocking, has left her the 150 year old mansion on Crescent Hill. Camden soon finds herself embroiled in threats from her step-sister to contest the will, a notice form the city that they are going to condemn the house, and a mysterious intruder who appears in the mansion. In an attempt to overcome these challenges and discover who is breaking into her home, Camden uncovers long-held secrets that may forever change her life.

Filled with ever-building suspense and plot twists, Refuge on Crescent Hill is a fast-paced read that is sure to please any reader who loves a good suspense novel. The pacing is spot-on, and each chapter leads deeper into a mystery that is resolved in a highly satisfying manner. Camden and Alex are likeable characters who I was sad to leave by the end of the book, and their interactions provide humor and even a touch of romance that was well-handled without being over the top. Camden's journey of faith was also blended perfectly into the story and did not at all detract from the plot in any way. I loved the line in the book where one of the character's states, "I'm learning that life isn't about me anyway, nor is it about what I want out of it. Following Christ is about surrender and faith and about God working through me instead of me working for God". Now that is a thought worth thinking about.

I greatly enjoyed this book from start to finish and give it a high recommendation of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Book provided courtesy of the publisher, Kregel, for the purposes of this unbiased review.


Melanie Dobson is the award-winning author of The Black CloisterLove Finds You in Liberty, Indiana; and Together for Good

Prior to launching Dobson Media Group in 1999, Melanie was the corporate publicity manager at Focus on the Family where she was responsible for the publicity of events, products, films, and TV specials. Melanie received her undergraduate degree in journalism from Liberty University and her master's degree in communication from Regent University. She has worked in the fields of publicity and journalism for fifteen years including two years as a publicist for The Family Channel.

Melanie and her husband, Jon, met in Colorado Springs in 1997 at Vanguard Church. Jon works in the field of computer animation. Since they've been married, the Dobsons have relocated numerous times including stints in Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Colorado, Berlin, and Southern California. These days they are enjoying their new home in the Pacific Northwest.

Jon and Melanie have adopted their two daughters —Karly (6) and Kinzel (5). When Melanie isn't writing or entertaining their girls, she enjoys exploring ghost towns and dusty back roads, traveling, hiking, line dancing, and reading inspirational fiction.